Heli Hoisko: Night and leisurewear

My designs start from colours, sometimes a particular hue or shade just sparks off something new. Together with colour, there is form. Good materials give a product the right feel – what really fascinates me in fabric designs is a genuine unevenness. Still, an item is not finished until it is worn and proven faithful to its wearer.

I get my ideas from things that happen around me, from people, colours and shapes. I’m always dreaming of travelling even though I enjoy being at home. I watch movies, like to read and enjoy art. I take pleasure in an evening with family and friends, eating good food and enjoying the conversation.

I like to think that the products I’ve designed follow the people who use them to their most meaningful moments, becoming part of their stories and beautiful memories.

Minna Sillanpää: Casual

In design everything is possible. Inspiring colours and fabrics, patterns, images and magazine cuttings, seams, buttons, ribbons and tapes pile up on my workbench creating an overflow of ideas. And that’s just the start. Then comes the sorting out and choosing, the new ideas and experiments … The best thing is turning these ideas and sketches into pieces of clothing. It’s also a chance to admire the handiwork of highly skilled colleagues; to see partnerships of materials, colours, designs and forms in action. And a little bit better than this even, is to catch a glimpse of the garment at the theatre, on the bus, at a parents’ evening or in a café …

When I’m designing I keep in mind comfort, ease, functionality and beauty. These go hand-in-hand; if you feel good you also look good. Easy to wear and functional clothes will pay dividends both on laundry day and at that important office meeting.

Comfortable, easy, functional and beautiful – that’s how I aim to make my own everyday life. Pottering about at home or in the garden, it’s luxury to take my time and go slowly. The same goes for holidays, daydreaming and good food. Life is at its best here and now.


Paola Suhonen: Paulakukka

Paola Suhonen is a Helsinki-born designer. She is best known for the IVANA Helsinki art and design brand, which has grown into an internationally known trademark. Paola and Nanso’s joint history goes back over more than a decade – Paola is in fact known for the designs and products she has produced with Nanso. One of them, Paulakukka, is a contemporary classic. This spring Paulakukka will be available in new, radiant colours.


Anna Ruohonen: Nanso by Anna Ruohonen

Born in Helsinki, Finland 1967, ANNA RUOHONEN is today a Paris-based fashion designer with a clothing label carrying her name.

Her style follows the tradition of Finnish design; the forms are architectural, the cuts are considered, simplicity is intentional. Her ambition is to bring beauty to everyday life; with elegant, high quality clothing. Being destiny or a coincidence, living in Paris, has given a touch of sensitivity and elegance to her style. Together with the minimalist and functional Scandinavian design approach, she creates a clothing line, which is interesting, personal and recognisable.



Katri Niskanen: Nanso by Katri Niskanen

Nanso by Katri Niskanen, the collection designed by Katri for Nanso, is a versatile and comfortable collection of jersey knits to rescue every occasion. These items also show feminine softness and sculptural features. The clothes are timeless classics but also modern and special.

The collection is designed to help the busy woman in her various everyday challenges. Its dresses, tops and bottoms, combined with different accessories, are as easy to wear in the evening as during the day. The inspiration for the collection has come from Katri’s friends: all the women around her with their different styles, all with different wishes and needs when it comes to clothes. Yet they all share the same feminine and clean lines.